Your not my dad

This meme is based on a viral video in which an unidentified man is filming a young boy and says to him “son, what’s up” to which the boy gets angry towards the man and replies to him “your not my dad !” .


This meme originated from a vine video called when you dont look like your dad at all, and you start telling him what you really look like, it was posted by vine user jessi Lockett on 16th November 2014.


The main use of this meme is to remix the original audio / video with other videos. Other uses of this meme include creating music from the original video and by using the app dubsmash to rein act the scene.


I thought this meme was ok, some of the remixes were funny and one in particular was quite funny, this was where someone used a scene from television show maury povich where maury was about to determine the paternity results for someone’s baby, maury then said “you are not the father” after which the video of the boy saying “your not my dad ” was played which I found to be hilarious !

While the remixes were ok, the dubsmash videos were terrible. I don’t understand why people even do dubsmash videos / videos where you just recreate the original video because it adds nothing original or new, I personally think that all of these dubsmash re-inactions of every meme are a waste of time and should just die because these re-enactments just fucking suck so bad !

I rate this meme 5/10 as it was ok but nothing special.



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