You on kazoo

This meme is based on a video called “you on kazoo” which tells the story of a young boy playing with his kazoo as well as with other children.


This meme originates from a video called you on kazoo. According to the title at the start of the video, it was created in 1989 by a company called “lights, camera, interaction !, inc.”. The original internet source of this video is by a youtube user called “dead vcr” who uploaded it to his / her channel on 25th august 2014. Even though the original video was created in 1989, it has only become a popular meme during January 2016 and according to Google trends, it has peaked in popularity during February 2016.


The main use of this meme is to create funny remixes from the original video.


In my opinion, after watching the whole 30 minute original video I felt that it was nothing special and just looked like any other generic kids show which came on in the 90’s, I did not really understand why this video had become a meme in the first place because it is not really funny

and to honest I found it to be quite weird however even though I found the original video to be nothing special, the remixes were quite good and one in particular (titled “kazoo kid – trap remix”) was excellent at transforming a video which was made over 20 years ago into a style of music which is popular with today’s youth.

I rate this meme 7/10 because the remixes were very creative and entertaining.



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