You look like a mf uhhh

You look like a mf uhhh is a meme which is based on a viral video by youtube user devonte brooks. It features two teenage boys who are engaged in a rap battle, they appear to be “roasting” (the act of making funny comments about someone’s appearance) each other when one of the boys attempts to say something the other one immediately stops him from speaking by saying “don’t even say nothing to me boy, you look like a mother fucking uhhhh”.


The meme is part of a video titled you look like mufucking uhhhhhh which was posed by youtube user devonte brooks to his youtube page on the 4th of November 2014. Even-though the clip was posted in November 2014, according to google trends It gained popularity in February 2015.


This meme is used when to make funny remixes when combined with other video clips, the audio of one of the boys saying “you look like mufucking uhhhhhh” or just “uhhhhhh” are usually used in the remixes. There have also been songs made from audio segments from the original video.


I find this meme to be extremely funny, not only is the sound which the guy makes funny by itself but also the scenarios in the video remixes are very funny as well. For example a some of the funnier remixes include videos of a chainsaw, a plane taking off, a motorbike and a lawnmower all with the audio being overdubbed with the funny sound which the guy makes.

I would rate this meme 8/10 as it “looks like mufucking uhhhhhh !”.



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