Windows XP


Windows XP is the name of an internet meme which is based on the various sound effects which can be found on the windows XP operating system.

More specifically this meme is based on the start-up, shut-down and critical stop sound effects which are found on Windows XP.


The sound effects all originate from the Windows XP operating system. The operating system was released in October 2001 and is currently an obsolete version of windows which some people may still use.

I believe this meme was created and spread by the vine user windowsXP_vines whose sole purpose so far has been to create vines which remix the various windows xp sound effects with other content.

Based on this information, this meme began in February 2016 when windowsXP_vines posted the first vine based on this meme to his / her channel.

This meme was given a significant boost in popularity when big viner the cable turned off cade made a windows xp remix vine on 22nd march 2016. (currently the vine has 16 million+ loops)

This meme gained further exposure when another big viner called Spongebob ruined also made a windows xp remix on 22nd April 2016. (currently the vine has 1.5 million+ loops)

The tags which are associated with this meme are #windowsxp and #windowsxpvines.


The main use of this meme is to mix the windows xp sound effect with various video clips so that it produces a funny remix.

Also some people have used distortion on the windows xp sound effects however it is not compulsory to add this to the sounds.


I think that this is a good meme and has many funny remixes however the only thing which I don’t like is the fact that too many of the remixes feature videos of sponge-bob and while some videos of sponge-bob are good, I feel that there would be plenty of other videos which would also go well with this meme.



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