Why are you crying


Why are you crying is the name of a meme which is based on a video in which a boy can be seen crying while a girl (who is not in view) can be heard saying to the boy “why are you crying ?”.

The video has become quite popular due to the way the boy in the video was crying, (watch it yourself) it is very abnormal and therefore quite funny to watch.


This is quite an obscure video to find, I know that many people are still searching for the original video in order to find out why the boy was crying in the first place but (based on my own research) I believe that the original video has been deleted.

I believe that this video originated on vine and the oldest account of this video which I could find was by the vine user “greatest vines” who posted it on 21st July 2014 onto their channel page however I believe that they just reposted this video and that the original author of the video was a vine user by the name of “taylarx”.

Upon searching for the user “taylarx” on vine it seems like their account has been deleted so unfortunately we will never know what the story was behind this video…


The main use of this meme is to mix the crying sound which the boy makes with music so that the sound matches the melody of the music.

This is usually accomplished by pitch shifting the crying sound so that it matches the pitch of the notes in the music which it is mixed with.


I find this meme to be very funny, the crying sound is funny own its own but when it is remixed with music it takes it to a whole new level.

Overall I rate this meme 9/10, it is very funny and also quite weird and in my opinion both of these factors work well in order to make this a very good meme.



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