Where they at doe ?

The “where they at doe” is a meme which is based on a vine which popular viner reggie couz made. The vine is a remix of a video where the rapper is seen saying to the camera “they say I have two black eyes, where they at doe ?” while the music from the song hot nigga by bobby smurda is heard playing in the background.


This vine was created by popular viner reggie couz who uploaded it to his vine page on the 8th of august 2014 under the title where they at tho?!.

A extended / full version was created by a youtbe user called “rhakim ali” under the title “T.I – where they at doe”. It was uploaded to his youtube account on the 17th august 2014.


The main use of this meme was by other vine content creators whereby they would create a funny scene where one viner is waiting for something or someone and the punchline of the scene would be one of the viners saying “where they at doe ?” after which they start dancing to the music in the meme.


I find this meme to be very catchy, it is another one of those memes (for example “p.o.p hold it down” and “9 + 10”) which go very well with the song “hot nigga” by bobby smurda.

Even though it is very simple (given that the song meme only has 4 words as lyrics) it shows that memes don’t have to be complex or intricate in order to be successful, only catchy.



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