Water Bottle Challenge


The water bottle challenge is a social media challenge in which the main objective is to filp a semi filled plastic water bottle into the air and make it successfully land upright.

While many people have attempted this challenge on a large flat surface such as a table, other people have purposely tried to land the bottle on a variety of more difficult (and sometimes even on moving) objects in order to increase the difficulty of the challenge.


I believe the video which caused this social media challenge to come into existence is called insane filp bottle challenge!!. This video was posted by the huge Youtuber fouseyTube to his YouTube channel on 15th May 2016.

Even though there is no direct evidence to link the challenge to the video (because the challenge has generated the tags #waterbottleflip and #waterbottlechallenge while in fousey’s video there are no mentions of these tags) a few clues strongly suggest that that fousey indirectly created this challenge.

The first clue is the obvious similarity between what fousey does in his video and what is done as part of the challenge.

The second clue is in the closeness of dates between the fouseyTube video and when this challenge started trending on social media as the video was uploaded on 15th may 2016 and the water bottle challenge started trending a few days ago (this article was written on 29th may 2016) so I believe that this is more than simple coincidence and as a result of these two clues I strongly believe that fouseyTube was the original creator of this challenge.


Just like most the of these social media challenges the main use is to attempt your own version of the challenge and post the result to social media for other people to critique.


I like this challenge, it is quite light-hearted and not nearly as retarded as other challenges such as the fire spray challenge and not so superficial like the don’t judge me challenge.

I rate this meme 5/10 because just like the fouseyTube video has shown, it can be quite fun when doing this with a group of friends.



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