Trust Fall Challenge


The trust fall challenge is an internet challenge in which a person goes up to some random other person and then falls (back first) towards them in the hopes that the random person will grab the falling person before they hit the ground. This challenge seems to be popular with teenagers. (particularly those who are in high shcool)


As with most of these internet challenges it is often very difficult to find the original video which started the trend however I am almost certain this trend began on Instagram with the hashtags #trustfallchallenge and #trustfall because I have found that the majority of the videos in which people perform this challenge are posted onto Instagram.

The earliest date when this challenge appeared on the internet was is 24th April 2016 so its safe to say that this meme originated during April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to attempt your own version of this challenge and post it to social media.


It seems like everyone of these internet “challenges” are hardly challenges at all, I mean what’s so challenging about falling down ?

Anyway like most other internet challenges I find this challenge to be quite bad however thankfully it is not as stupid and risky as the fire spray challenge. The only entertaining factor in regards to this challenge is when the people who attempt it fail miserably and fall flat on their ass.

I rate this meme 3/10 because its is another easily forgettable challenge in my opinion.



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