The Mine Song

The mine song is an internet meme which is based on a song from an Icelandic educational comedy program called LazyTown. The scene which became a meme comes from a song known as (not surprisingly) “the mine song” which is a song that is based on one of the characters called “stingy” who is known for his selfish personality. Throughout the course of the song stingy be seen walking around LazyTown while claiming that everything in the town belongs to him.


This meme originates from television, it originates from the Icelandic television series called LazyTown which was first aired in the united states on 16th august 2004 on the television channel Nickelodeon.

The mine song has appeared in a total of 3 LazyTown episodes, it was first featured in an episode called dear diary which was aired on television on June 7th 2005 however it has also appeared in the episodes pixelspix and LazyTown’s Greatest hits, all three episodes are in the first season of the show.

On 1st September 2011 the official LazyTown YouTube channel released the mine song music video.

One of the earliest remixes that I could find featuring this video is by a YouTube user called WFJB 2004 S.E who posted a video called [ American ] Lazy Town the mine Song in G major which was posted to YouTube on 14th April 2016.

Even though there were remixes being made in April 2016, this meme did not have significant success earlier in the year and has only gained significant popularity after November 2016 as shown by google trends.

I believe that the sudden surge in this memes popularity is because of the following reasons:

1. There is another recent popular LazyTown meme based on another lazyTown song called we are number one which has had the effect of propelling the LazyTown the television series back into mainstream popularity.

A screenshot from the LazyTown song we are number one.

2. There is a popular 2016 meme which is based on a film called the bee movie which has helped to influence many mine song remixes as they incorporate the same remixing techniques that were used in many bee movie memes.

A screenshot from the bee movie.

I believe that one of the most important videos that has helped to popularise this meme is by YouTube user Alcendence who created a video called the mine song but every ‘mine’ speeds it up on 6th November 2016.

I believe that this video was the first YouTube video which incorporated the same style of editing techniques that were popular in the bee movie memes and which are also seen in all of the subsequent popular mine song remixes so far as they also use an editing style which is similar to this video.

The main search terms which are associated with meme are : “the mine song”, “the mine song meme” and “the mine song but”.


The main way in which I have seen this video being used is by people remixing it in a similar style to how the bee movie memes have been remixed, more specifically in this meme every time stingy says the word “mine” during the course of the song some audio/visual changes occur, for example the volume gets lower or the bass gets louder and so on also the changes get progressively more intense every time stingy says mine.


I really like the random nature of this meme, there is so many random things which people can change in order make the original video funny and part of the fun is watching what a specific audio/visual effect can have on the original video and in my opinion this is what makes this meme good.



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