The Laughing Fox


The laughing fox is a meme which is based on an Instagram video made by Instagram user kristina Shafer. In the video we can hear kristina’s boyfriend laughing in the background, then shortly after her pet Arctic fox named Archer mimics her boyfriend’s reaction by laughing as well.

This cute reaction made by archer is what has made this video viral and thus ultimately turned it into a meme.


The original clip was posted by kristina shafer to both her Instagram and her vine pages on 13th march 2016.

kristina later released the same clip as a YouTube video on 17th march 2016.


The main use for this meme is to make a song using the laughing sound which the fox makes in the original clip.


I like this meme, it has all the classic hallmarks of an animal based viral video : the cute animal, the human like behaviour (laughing), the funny sound which the animal makes, with all these three ingredients there was no doubt that that the original video was going to be popular with the internet.

In terms of the remixes I feel that that all of them are good and are an excellent example of showcasing the talents of the many hungry young music producers that exist on youtube.

I rate this meme 6/10 because not only is archer’s laugh sure to bring a smile to your face but also the remix songs are very well made and enjoyable to listen to.



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