The building is on fire

This meme is based on an interview which takes place between a woman and a local news station in regards to a fire which took place in her apartment block.


The origin of this meme is from a TV interview between casa linda resident michelle dobyne and the news 6 television channel which is based in tulsa, oklahoma. The original clip was posted to YouTube on 10th January 2016 by YouTube user “ouflyboy20”.


The main use of this meme is to remix it, in order to create either funny parodies or songs which use the original audio from the interview as lyrics.


I find this meme to be very good, the remix songs for this meme in particular seem to be very well done. I personally found the song made by the youtube user “WTFBrahh” to be the best in my opinion however the song by youtubers “schmoyoho” was good as well.

Overall I rate this meme 6/10 as it was better than average and it spawned some good remix songs but in my opinion it was far from exceptional.



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