Taylor swift falling to music


The “taylor swift falling to music” meme is based on a video advert by apple in which they are are promoting their music streaming service known as “apple music” (which should not be confused with Itunes which which is an online digital meida store).

The advert features American singer-songwriter taylor swift using the music streaming service to play the song “jumpman” by American rappers drake and future while she is exercising on a treadmill. The part of the advert which has gained notoriety is when taylor falls of the treadmill and lands on the floor behind her.


The original video clip was uploaded on YouTube to the channel “beats 1 radio” which according to Wikipedia is an internet radio station which comes as part of the subscription to apple music.

The video is called TAYLOR VS TREADMILL and was uploaded on 1st April 2016.


The main way in which this video is used is when people add (often unfitting) music to the part of the video in which Taylor falls down from the treadmill in order to create comedic effect.


For me personally I do not find this meme to be funny in the slightest. After watching a few of the remix videos I thought to myself what do people find so funny or entertaining about this video ? Most of the songs do not match with the video and even the ones which do match don’t (in my opinion) produce a funny result.

What I did find interesting was a part within the original video where Taylor swift was rapping along to drake’s verse from “Jumpman”, it was quite cringey to watch, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was featured on a “cringe compilation” video in the near future.

Overall I rate this meme 1/10, in my opinion it is not funny nor entraining and leaves me wondering as to why this became a meme in the first place !



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