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Windows XP

  10 months ago     2826 Views     Leave your thoughts  

Windows XP is the name of an internet meme which is based on the various sound effects which can be found on the windows XP operating system. More specifically this meme is based on the start-up, shut-down and critical stop…

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Water Bottle Challenge

  11 months ago     722 Views     Leave your thoughts  

The water bottle challenge is a social media challenge in which the main objective is to filp a semi filled plastic water bottle into the air and make it successfully land upright. While many people have attempted this challenge on…

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Why are you crying

  11 months ago     2808 Views     Leave your thoughts  

Why are you crying is the name of a meme which is based on a video in which a boy can be seen crying while a girl (who is not in view) can be heard saying to the boy “why…

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Why you always lying

  1 year ago     308 Views     Leave your thoughts  

This meme is based on a viral video in which two “characters” (both played by the same man) are having a conversion, one says to the other that he has various brands of expensive shoes, in response the second character…

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