Squidward dab

This meme is based on a video in which a person (who is dressed as the cartoon character squidward tentacles) is seen performing the “dab” during a parade of some sort.


This video (which has the title squidward hit the fucking DAB! #dab #dabbing #2016) was uploaded to vine on 26th January 2016 by vine user “Dre | Koah :)”.


The main use of this meme is to remix it with songs whose content is about the “dab” dance. Also the song starts playing as soon as the the squidward in the video performs the dab dance move.


I find this meme to be quite rubbish to be honest and I don’t really understand its appeal, all of the edits contain squidward dabbing with different background music and to me this is not really funny at all. The only part of this meme which I found funny was when the guy said squidward because instead of saying squidward properly he sounded like he said “squidwaaa !” (maybe he was foreign and his accent was thick) it sounded really funny to me however apart from this overall I feel that this was a boring and completely forgettable meme !

I rate this meme 3/10 because it is boring and easily forgettable.



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