Spiderman auditions

The “Spiderman auditions” is a meme which is based on the trailer of the 2016 film “captain America: civil war”. The meme is based on the end scene of the trailer where Spiderman suddenly appears and can be seen taking captain America’s shield, landing on a car and saying “hey everyone” to the rest of the superheroes who are in the scene.


This meme originates from a trailer to the movie “captain America: civil war”, the trailer was uploaded to marvel’s official YouTube channel under the title marvel’s captain America: civil war – trailer 2. the trailer was released on 10th march 2016.


The main use of this meme is to change the audio from the scene where spiderman appears in the trailer and says “hey everyone” into something else (usually something very unfitting in the context of the scene) so that it makes the scene funny.


In my opinion this meme is an unexpected but nice addition to what I predict will be a huge box office hit. Even-though I cant speak for everyone, I can certainly say that I was presently surprised and even excited to see spider-man in the captain America civil war trailer however I was not impressed with the voice of this spider-man as to me he sounded like a teenage boy rather than a man and it seems the internet agrees with me by overdubbing a different voices onto the original scene which for the most part were funny and entertaining.

I rate this meme 7/10 as it is funny, entertaining and in my opinion and it seems that any male voice which is of an adult seems to fit better on spider-man than the voice of a teenage boy.



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