So Gone Challenge


The so gone challenge is a viral social media challenge that was created by Chicago rap artist chance the rapper when he published the following tweet to his twitter account.


A screenshot of the original tweet and video.

Alongside the tweet, chance posted a video in which he can be seen rapping about how much he loves his girlfriend as well as warning other men who have girlfriends to always respect them as he does his girl or face the consequences “If you got a girl and she sexy and she grown, stay your ass at home before you end up all alone”.

The reason why I believe that chance named this challenge the so gone challenge is because in his twitter video, the instrumental which he is rapping to is from the 2003 RnB track so gone which was made by American RnB singer Monica Brown.


This challenge originates from twitter. The original tweet, 58 second video and associated hashtag #sogonechallenge were created by chance the rapper on 10th August 2016. The tweet / video soon went viral across social media and as of writing this article the the tweet / video have been retweeted over 250 thousand times and have accumulated over 330 thousand likes.

Chance hinted in a tweet that his inspiration for this challenge came from a remix of the song so gone that featured fellow Chicago rapper TEEJAY.


While this challenge has become popular with a lot of people, I believe that the real reason as to why it has gone viral is because a lot of celebrities have also taken part in it, thus spreading the challenge to their large fan bases.

Among the many celebrities which have taken part in this challenge some include : Kevin hart, Dwyane Wade, DCyoungfly, Nick Cannon and Timothy Delaghetto.

Even Snoop Dog acknowledged the challenge by sharing a song called so fly which he made in 2004 that also uses the so gone instrumental with Chance.


Surprisingly this challenge has become so popular that even Monica Brown who is was the creator of the song so gone made her own so gone challenge video featuring Missy Elliot.


The main way in which this challenge is performed is by recording yourself rapping along with the instrumental of the song so gone by Monica brown.

Chance was quite ambiguous in his original tweet therefore apart from using the instrumental of the song, there doesn’t appear to be any other specific rules that are associated with this challenge.

I have seen a lot of videos where people are rapping about much they love their partner (similar to chance’s freestyle) in their so gone challenge videos however I have also seen lots of videos where people seem to rap about anything for example in Kevin hart’s video he raps about how he has a swimming pool in his house which is filled with urine.


I like the idea of the so gone challenge, personally my favourite video has to be of Kevin heart AKA chocolate Droppa rapping about lays potato chips and having a swimming pool full of piss all while having a serious look on his face. If you only have time to watch one so gone challenge video I would definitely recommend Kevin hart’s video.



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