Snow Challenge

The snow challenge is a meme which is based on the blizzard which affected the united states in January 2016.


This meme originates from Instagram and features people with little too no clothing jumping into snow. As there is no official video which started off this meme it is hard to determine when it officially began however as the blizzard started during January 2016, it is safe to say that the memes started around this time as well.


The main use of this meme is by making a video of yourself with little to no clothing jumping into the snow and uploading it to social media.


Personally I think that along along with the various other challenges which have presented themselves to us during recent times (condom challenge, don’t judge me challenge) the “snow challenge” is just as retarded and unfunny as the the rest of them.

Another trait which seems to also be present in the various other challenges (which is evident here also) is the fact that this “challenge” is hardly a challenge at all but rather just plain old idiocy from today’s youth because first of all there is nothing difficult or challenging about jumping into a pile of snow and secondly jumping into an unknown pile of of snow is stupid as hell because the snow masks anything which could be underneath it (such as a concrete wall which I could just imagine some idiot jumping face first into)

Finally I just don’t understand the entertainment value from watching a bunch of stupid young people jumping face first into a pile of snow, maybe it was just a slow week and there was nothing else to watch so this meme became popular by default ?

I rate this meme 0/10 because it is just as bad as all of the other “challenges” which I have seen so far.



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