Screaming Deer


The screaming deer is a meme which is based on a video of a lone wild deer making funny sounds and (what appears to be) screaming sounds on video. The background to this meme is that youtube user shapiro127 was out with his friends who were visiting him in Nara, Japan when the group noticed a lone deer making strange whining sounds which led them to start recording the deer and thus the video resulted in the birth of this meme.


This meme originated from YouTube. The video is called “hilarious deer screaming in Nara Japan (original)”, it was posted by YouTube user shapiro127 to his channel on 22nd July 2015.


The main use of this meme is to mix the deer screaming audio with music. Normally the deer screaming audio is mixed with sections of music where the singer is singing long sustained notes.


I like weird memes, usually for me the weirder the meme the better it will be however even though the screaming deer is most definitely a weird meme in my opinion it does not seem to resonate with me at all.

After watching the original video a number of times and scrolling through the comments section, (to see how other people reaction’s were to the video) I feel that most people found the video to be funny however my first thought after watching the video was “what an unusual sound it makes” and sadly apart from this thought I was generally uninterested in the rest of the video.

In terms of the remix videos, (which are very weird in my opinion) you could see lots of people saying in the comments about how hilarious they found the video to be however to me even though the videos were somewhat entertaining I failed to laugh even once, maybe its just my sense of humour…

I rate this meme 5/10, the remix videos are entertaining but not really funny in my opinion.



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