Running Man Challenge


The running man challenge is a dance meme which is based on an Instagram video by instagram user Kevin soze who (in the original few videos) can be seen along with his friends all performing a dance which resembles a person running on the spot. In addition to this dance another aspect to this meme is the song which they are dancing too, which in this case is “my boo” by ghost town dj’s.

Since the original video kevin has gone on to create numerous other videos on his instagram page showcasing the running man dance and how it should be performed.


The original video was posted to Instagram by Instagram user Kevin Soze with the caption #RunningmanChallenge on 7th January 2016.

The song which accompanies the dance is called “my boo” by hip hop group “ghost town DJ’s”, it was originally released in 1996.

An interesting fact about this song is that an American singer called “INOJ” is often mistakenly credited for this song however she is not apart of this song whatsoever.


The main use of this challenge is to record yourself performing the dance and uploading the resultant video to social media.


I find this challenge to be somewhat entertaining however I don’t usually find dance memes to be any good as I’m just not a fan but I could see why other people would enjoy it.

I rate this meme 5/10 only because I’m personally not into dance memes and this meme is no exception from that fact.



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