Robo Bitch


Robo Bitch is the name of an internet meme which is based on a vine that was created by popular viner cedrick66.

The original vine that was created by cedrick shows him stating that he wants be the director of the next transformers movie before alleging that he makes the best transformers, after which he shows his own D.I.Y transformer (that consists of two children’s tricycles which are stacked on top of a couple of ordinary car tires) while proclaiming to the camera “I want you to give it up for Robo Bitch !”

This is not the first time that cedrick has successfully created a meme. The first meme that he created was called mega faggot and following its success it seems like Robo bitch is gaining popularity and is on route to becoming the sequel to mega faggot.


This meme originates from vine. The original vine video which was created by cedrick66 is titled Give it up for Robo bitch. It was posted to vine by cedrick on 25th may 2015 and as of writing this article is has accumulated an impressive 4.3 million loops.

Even though robo bitch can be seen as the sequel to mega faggot, the fact is that the robo bitch vine was created nearly a year earlier than the mega faggot vine. (the mega faggot vine was published on 23rd may 2016 while the robo bitch vine was created in 2015).


A screenshot of both the mega faggot and robo bitch vines, it seems like any video with that pink trycycle in it seems to become a hit for cedrick.

Another interesting aspect about the robo bitch meme is that it was slightly popular in 2015 (I found a vine based on the robo bitch meme that has over 200 thousand loops) and could have become a mainstream meme back then but I guess it did not gain enough momentum in order to reach significant popularity in 2015.

This all changed in July 2016 when two big youtubers helped to spread this relativity obscure meme to a significantly wider audience.

First of all the youtube channel Emisoccer who is known for making dank meme compilations helped to spread this meme when he / she posted a compilation video called dank memes vine compilation V21 on 23rd July 2016 which contained a vine that is based on this meme. (the vine is at 1:39 during the video)

Due to the videos huge success (it currently has 2.3 million views on youtube) I believe that it has done a very good job of helping to spread this meme.

Even-though the emiscoccer video has done a good job of helping to spread this meme, I believe the biggest reason as to why this meme has become significantly popular now is because it was featured in a video by the biggest youtuber in the world, namely pewdiepie who’s video Try not to laugh (Impossible edition)! Featured the exact same vine (at 3:58 in the video) that was in Emisoccer’s video however because of pewdiepie’s fame and enormous fan base he did a better job at spreading the meme by showcasing it in a video that currently has over 9 million youtube views.


The king of youtube AKA pewdiepie reviewing the robo bitch meme.

Based on these videos it is no wonder that according to google trends the term robo bitch has had a sharp peak in popularity during end of July 2016 when these two videos were created.

The main hash-tag that is associated with this meme is #robobitch.


This meme is very similar to the mega faggot meme whereby the only difference is that instead of remixing videos with the words mega faggot, the main way in which videos based on this meme are created is by mixing audio / video with the words “robo bitch” from cedrick’s vine.


Personally I think that this meme is too similar to the mega faggot meme therefore I don’t really think it is that great…however it is still relevantly new to the mainstream so theoretically the best / funniest remixes are yet to come but based on what I have seen so far this meme is far from impressive in my opinion…



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