Roast yourself challenge


The roast yourself challenge is a social media challenge which was created by popular youtuber nigahiga. The premise of this challenge is to make a video in which you light-heartedly make fun of yourself.

The motivation for this challenge by ryan was that he was seeing a lot of “drama” in the YouTube community I.e popular you-tubers openly making disrespectful videos about other you-tubers and wanted to get in on the action but because he does not like confrontation or does not have the urge to fight with anyone he decided to come up with this challenge as a means of parodying the current state of drama on YouTube.


This challenge originated on YouTube, It was created by Ryan higa AKA nigahiga and was first mentioned in a video called roast yourself challenge ! Which Ryan posted on his you-tube channel on 3rd June 2016.


The main use of this challenge is (as ryan put it in the original video) to make a video where you make fun of yourself and while ryan did not specifically detail how one should go about doing this, he did state a few ideas which one could use :

-making a vlog where you make fun of yourself

-making a diss track to yourself

-pretending to be two characters who are in a rap battle with each other


I like this challenge, not only does it do a good job at parodying the current state of all the drama on youtube but it also seems to be popular with a lot of big youtubers including with one of my favourite you-tubers NFKRZ.



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