POP hold it down

This “supermeme” features three popular memes within it, these are “barely”, “p.o.p hold it down” and “I’m legally blind”. They all originate from an interview between donna goudeau and local news stations regarding her arrest.


These memes all originate from donna goudeau when she was questioned by local news stations in regards to her arrest. In the interview she claimed her innocence in regards to being arrested, (she was later found guilty of beating up, robbing and stabbing a 73 year old man) while being interviewed, she said the phrases “pop hold it down”, “i’m legally blind” and “barely” which became viral.

The interview video originated on fox 4 kbtv and was uploaded to YouTube on 23th October 2014 by YouTube user “the ARABslap”. According to the google trends chart here, this meme was most popular in October 2014.


The pop hold it down / barely / i’m legally blind memes are used with other videos to create funny remixes, it was used quite extensively by the popular viners to create funny vines with.


Personally I feel that this meme was excellent, not only did it spawn 3 memes from the original video but all of them were memorable and resulted in many people parodying the original as well the the phrase “pop hold it down” becoming part of mainstream culture during 2014.

Not only were the remix videos funny but the mixing of this meme with songs was also very good. Personally I thought the remix with the bobby smurda’s “hot nigga” was very catchy and is a perfect example of how good this meme was when it was remixed with other songs.

I will rate this meme 10/10 as not only did the original video generate 3 memes, but all of them were very entertaining and funny which I believe is the reason why this meme was one of the most popular memes of 2014.



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