Peanut butter baby

This meme is based on a youtube video in which a mother comes home to find that one of her children has covered her other child (who is a baby) completely in peanut butter.


This meme originates from a video called funny things babies do peanut butter, it was uploaded to youtube by youtube user “fun-time just be happy” on their youtube channel on 28th august 2015.


The main way in which this meme is used is when the “ah” noise which the baby makes is remixed with music so that the noise matches the melody of the music. Other uses of this meme include making a song from the original video.


I find this meme to be very entertaining due to the fact that the sound which the baby makes goes so well with music. I find that the remixes in which the pitch of the baby’s noise has been altered to match the pitch of the accompanying musical notes to be especially funny as pitching the noise seems to have a strange effect on the original audio and thus makes it sound funny own its own, mix that with some songs which have high tempos and lots of fast melodic sections and there you have a recipe for an enjoyable video.

I rate this meme at a solid 7/10.



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