Panda challenge


The panda challenge is a dance meme which is based on the 2015 song “panda” by American rapper Desiigner. The main focus of the meme is to create a dance which goes well with the lyrics of the song.


The Original song from which this meme is based on is called panda. It was created by new York rapper desiigner and was released on 20th December 2015.

An interesting fact about this song is that when it first came out, many people (including myself) initially thought that it was created by Atlanta rapper Future. This was because both rappers have a similar deep timbre to their voices.

As with a lot of these internet challenges there does not seem to be a definite original video source which started the trend however there is a definite hashtag which which is associated with this meme, it is #pandachallenge.


The main use of this meme is to try and come up with a dance routine which fits well with the song panda and then upload the video of yourself performing said dance routine to social media.


The song itself is really catchy, at first I thought that it was another rapper named Future (who I am also a fan off) and was actually surprised that it turned out not to be him who made this song however this still does not take anything away from the song as it is good in my opinion.

Personally I do not find dance memes to be that entertaining or funny (just my personal preference I guess) so I would rate this meme 5/10 as its just ok in my opinion.



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