Oh Yeah Mr Krabs


Oh yeah Mr krabs is the name of an internet meme which is based on a YouTube video in which a guy (who is playing the sponge-bob edition of the popular board game the game of life) can be seen holding a toy version of the character Mr Krabs (from sponge-bob square-pants) and then says the line “Oh yeah Mr krabs” before making a loud shrieking sound after which the video ends.


This meme originates from YouTube. The YouTube video which this meme is based on is called OH YEAH MR KRABS ! ( the original !). The video was uploaded to YouTube by YouTube user Nkassad on 4th March 2009.

This video has been around for a while, I first saw it back in day when when I was randomly watching YouTube videos and strictly speaking it should be classed as a 2009 meme however I feel that it has gained significant popularity this year and therefore has only become a mainstream meme as of 2016.

Don’t just take my word for it, according to google trends this video has really blown up in 2016 and as of writing this article (July 2016) it has the highest popularity ever in terms of it’s lifetime and I predict that it will only grow even more popular during the next few months.

A screenshot of the google trends graph

The Screenshot above shows proves that this meme has gained significant popularity in 2016.

So why has a meme which was created in 2009 gaining significant popularity during 2016 ? well I believe that this is due to the collection of viral videos based on this meme (which can be found in the videos section) that have all been made sometime during the past two years (2014 – 2016).

I believe the most important video which helped to spread this meme is a YouTube video called OH YEAH MR KRABS which was posted on 7th September 2014 by youtube user Ellie Rage. As of July 2016 it is the 1st result in YouTube when entering the the term oh yeah Mr krabs and has an impressive 1.5 million views.

Another big reason as to why this meme is significantly more popular now than it was in 2009 could be due to two popular vines which were created in 2016 thus giving this meme greater exposure this year.

The first vine titled Bryan silva likes them young was created by viner OverL00k on 4th January 2016 and currently has over 314 thousand loops.

Secondly another popular vine titled I’ve been too lazy to make edits so here’s this which was posted on 14th February 2016 by viner actually mark has also helped to spread this meme in 2016. (the vine currently has over 200 thousand loops.)

The main hashtag that is associated with this meme is #ohyeahmrkrabs and the main search term which is associated with this meme is oh yeah mr krabs.


Based on the remix videos which I have seen, the main way in which is meme is used is by mixing the sentence oh yeah mr krabs (as well as the screaming sound) with songs which have lyrics so that the original song lyrics are replaced with any combination of the words in the sentence.


This is a weird meme and as much as I like weird memes, the videos which are based on this meme have too much earrape for me to enjoy so it kind of ruins it for me however if you are the type of person who enjoys those R.I.P headphone users type of videos then this meme might be right up your alley…



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