Oh hell no

This meme is based on a vine by the popular vine content creator reggie couz. It features reggie saying the phrase “oh hell no” in a musical manor in front of his camera.


The oh hell no vine was created by viner reggie couz on November 13th 2014. At first it was on the video sharing platform vine before moving onto youtube where it was used to remix other videos with.

This meme was popular soon after it was created by reggie couz in November 2014. since its creation it has slowly decreased in popularity as the google trends chart shows here.


The main use of this meme is when it is remixed with another video which comes before it, the first video is usually shocking, disgusting or obscene in nature. It is followed by the oh hell no clip to show the video posters distaste for the video which came before it.


This is another good meme, not only are the remixes funny but also like a few other memes it can be used by people when reacting to something in order convey how they are feeling (usually to express that they are shocked).

I rate this meme at a 7/10.



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