Obama Stuttering


Obama stuttering is the name of an internet meme which is based on a video of American president Barack Obama, who was presenting a speech at Concord community high school in Elkhart, Indiana.

Most of the hour long speech is nothing out of the ordinary for Obama as I am almost certain that by now he is a master of giving speeches however around the 55:00 minute mark of the speech it seemed like he was having trouble because he kept stuttering the word “if” a couple of times before regaining control of himself.

It was this moment during the speech (which many believed was a result of Obama’s Teleprompter briefly malfunctioning) that gave birth to this meme and its associated hash-tag #ObamaStuttering.


The original video originates from YouTube, it was uploaded by the white house’s official YouTube channel with the title President Obama delivers remarks on the economy on 1st June 2016.

Although the original video wasn’t that popular (as of writing this it only has 55k views on YouTube), popular youtuber mark dice helped spread the video by creating a reaction video to the speech on 2nd June 2016.

A vine video titled obama.exe has stopped working which was posted on 2nd June by popular viner the foxy lama also helped to spread the video as it was one of the first remixes of the video to go viral. (it currently has 2.1 million loops as of writing this post)

Finally another viral vine which helped to popularise this meme was a vine called I’m done with the internet #obamaStuttering which was created on 3rd June 2016 by the popular viner Lakota.


The main use this meme is to mix the “if if if” sound which Obama makes with a variety of video clips in order to produce a funny remix.


I feel that this is an ok meme however some of the edits are a bit hit and miss. Personally I found the remixes where the obama sound is mixed with videos of cars / motorbikes and chainsaws to be the funniest edits to come from this meme.



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