My name is Jeff

The “my name is jeff” meme is based on the a scene from the movie 22 jump street staring channing tatum, where channing says to another character in the movie “my name is jeff” when asked what his name is.


The “my name is jeff” meme originated from the 2014 movie “22 jump street”. Within the movie there is a scene where actors channing tatum and jonah hill (who are playing police officers) go undercover and try to buy some drugs from some Mexican drug dealers.

One of the drug dealers (named scarface) asks jonah hill’s character why channing’s character i’snt talking, to which channings character responds to scarface “my name is jeff”.

Even-though the movie 22 jump street was released in June 2014, the my name is jeff scene did not climb in popularity until the last quarter of 2014 (source here) where it peaked (in terms of popularity) in December 2014.


The my name is jeff meme is used and combined with other video clips in order to make funny remixes.


I feel that this meme is just average…sure you can get a few cheap laughs out of the edits however there is nothing spectacular or particularly memorable about this meme.

I feel this meme is particularly suited to children as most of the edits were child friendly, this might seem good for any concerned parents however it has limited the memes potential to reach a wider audience.

Even though my feeling towards this meme is lacklustre, it has still become extremely popular. This begs the question how can so many people find channing tatum saying “my name is jeff” so funny ?

I rate this meme at an average 5/10.



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