My Daddy Told Me


The my daddy told me meme is based on the music video to the song “7 Years” by Danish pop soul band Lukas Graham. The part of the video which became a meme begins at 0:53 seconds in the video where by the lead singer (Lukas Graham Forchhammer) says the words “once I was 11 years old, my daddy told me”, after this part the segment Is mixed with other videos.


The original video from which this meme was conceived from is called Lukas Graham – 7 years [official Music Video], it was uploaded to YouTube on 15th December 2015 onto the Lukas Graham band’s official YouTube page.

Even though this video was released in December 2015, it did not became a meme until April 2015, Google trends confirms this as there is a sharp peak during March / April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to mix the original video with other video clips in order to create funny remixes with.


Personally I feel that this meme gets really old really fast. While watching the first remix video I thought to myself that some of the edits were good while some were bad but overall the video was ok however as soon as I watched another remix video it became quite evident that the joke had gotten really old, really fast and after watching the third video I didn’t laugh even once.

Overall I think that this meme gets a mixed review from me because while some of the edits are funny, the joke gets really repetitive really quickly which is not a good trait as I believe that good memes should be funny even after watching them numerous times.

I rate this meme a 4/10.




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