Mr Postman

This meme is based on a vine video of a boy and what appears to be an older relative of his. In the video the boy is covering the song “mr postman” by Gorgia dobbins and then he positions his camera to his older relative who then mumbles and makes a funny sound into the camera.


This meme originates from a vine video called late post but…#mrpostman #funny by vine user “kidd Future”. It was posted to his vine channel on 12th June 2015. According to google trends, this meme reached peak popularity during October 2015.


The main way in which this meme is used is by remixing the funny mumbling type of sound which the boys older relative makes with other music so that the sound matches the melody of the music which it is remixed with.


I did not find this meme to be particularly good or entertaining, even though the sound which the old man makes is funny at first, it gets old very fast and for this reason I feel that this meme was not particularly good.

The only good remix was when the clip was mixed with the x files theme song as I did not expect to do something as creative as that with the clip and therefore for that reason I found that remix to be quite entertaining.

I rate this meme at 5/10 as it was ok but the remixes got boring very quickly so yeah…



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