mike tyson hoverboard fail


Mike tyson hoverboard fail is the name of a meme which is based on a video in which ex heavyweight boxing champion mike Tyson can be seen in his home attempting to ride a hoverboard but failing miserably and ultimately taking what looks like a nasty fall due to losing his balance on the hover-board.


This meme originated on Instagram. It was posted as an untitled video by mike Tyson on his Instagram page on 29th December 2015.


The main use of this meme is to mix the thud sound which mike tyson makes when he his the floor with music. More specifically the thud sound should match the drum beat of the music which it is mixed with.


I like this meme, its quite weird and I do enjoy weird memes. It is also very funny watching him falling to music, I cant really explain why but watching him falling along with music does make me laugh.

Apart from that I think that the remix videos are very well edited and they are definitely worth watching and for that I rate this meme 7/10.



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