kirby’s dreamland challenge


The kirbys dreamland challenge is based on a viral vine made by popular viner viral shark media. The premise of the challenge is to make a vine which features a video (I have mostly seen videos of people dancing however it can be a video of anything) that fits in time with the song gourmet race from the popular video game franchise kirby.


This challenge originated from vine. The Original vine was created by viner viral shark media on 3rd June 2016 and was titled kirby’s dreamland challenge ???, also the hash tag #kirbysDreamLandChallenge was included in the title.

The video which is used in this vine originates from YouTube and is called The official TxSU Jukebox Challenge. It features a group of students from Texas southern university performing their version of the highly popular Jukebox challenge dance trend.

The music which is used in this vine is called Gourmet race, it is from the video game series kirby, more specifically this track was first featured on the super Nintendo game kirby super star and has since been featured in multiple other kirby games.

The version of the song which is used in the vine is from the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Bros.


The main use of this challenge is to try and make your own vine which features a video clip that goes in time with the song gourmet race.


I think that this vine is funny as hell ! The original video which viral shark uses fits so well with the theme that you would think that the people are actually dancing to the gourmet theme song instead of something else.

Apart from this aspect the vine so so funny and I feel that it really is an excellent example of a mash up video.

I rate this challenge 8/10 because the original vine is so funny and I can see a lot of potential for this challenge to become viral in the coming weeks.



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