Just Do it

This meme is based on a motivational video which features actor shia lebouf who is in front of a green screen while reading lines from a book to the camera. The main part of this meme is when shia is seen trying to motivate the viewers who are watching the video by saying “just do it, make your dreams come true” to them in an attempt to motivate the audience into achieving their dreams.


This meme originates from a vimeo video known as #introductions. It was posed by vimeo user “labeouf, ronkko & turner” on their channel on 15th April 2015. According to Google trends, this meme peaked in popularity during June 2015.


This meme has multiple uses, firstly people have created songs from the original video, secondly people have remixed the video with other videos.


This meme has become one of the most popular meme’s of 2015 and with good cause for a significant reason. The main difference which separates this meme from other good memes is the fact that it has been filmed in front of a green screen, this is a huge difference because whereas for other memes which are mixed with other videos in order to create a funny remix this video can be inserted directly into other videos which makes it even funnier as it allows shia lebouf to seem like he is part of the video which people are remixing him with.

Even though this meme has the ability to be mixed directly with any other video it still would not achieve its success if the content was terrible which in this case is not true. Shia lebouf in this video is not only very funny but the video is a prime example as to why he is a good actor, in the scene you can tell he puts a lot of energy and passion into his performance, this matched with his enthusiasm for motivating his audience and the fact that this serious natured video can be mixed with stupid and unfitting videos ensures that a comical result can achieved when mixing the two.

I rate this meme 10 / 10.



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