Jukebox challenge


The Jukebox challenge is a dance meme in which a group of people (usually high school or college aged people) all start dancing in unison while one person among the crowd is holding a boom-box over their head which is playing the song All day by the American rapper T-Lo.


As with a lot of these dance challenges it is often difficult to determine who started this trend or what the original video was however what I do know about this trend is that the hash-tag associated with it is #jukeboxchallenge.

This challenge appeared during May 2016 (according to Google trends) and it is very likely that it originated from Instagram because all of the videos are far too long for them to have been originated from other platforms such as vine or snap chat.

The song which is used in the challenge is called All day by American rapper T-lo and was uploaded to YouTube by YouTube user baton rouge A.K.A Jigga city on 29th may 2008.


Just like a lot of these social media dance memes, the main use of this meme is to gather a group of your friends together and perform your own attempt at the jukebox challenge and then post the resulting video to social media.


I have to say that this has to be the most ratchet / ghetto challenge that I have seen so far on social media. The people who participate in this challenge all look like wild animals who have escaped the zoo and have gone on a rampage while music is playing in the background.

Even though the challenge does look “hood” as hell, it does actually look very fun and looks like something that I would like to try.

I rate this meme 6/10 because it looks fun and is unique (well compared to most other dance memes anyway)



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