Jones bbq and foot massage

This meme is based on a scene of a youtube video called “Jones good ass bbq & foot massage” by a youtube user known as “bigdogeatchild”. The video is in the style of a commercial which is meant to promote a fictional business that is both a restaurant that specialises in barbecued food as well as a foot massage parlour.

The part of this video which became the meme is the first 5 seconds where the owner of the fictional business (Toby Jones) can be seen singing “jones bbq and foot massage” while he is dancing with a person in a dinosaur costume and a person in a chicken costume.


As mentioned above this meme originates from a youtube video by “bigdogeatchild”. The original video was published on 16th April 2009.

Even though the original video was published in 2009, this meme did not gain popularity until mid 2015 and even now (January 2016) it seems to be on the rise.


This meme has a few main ways in which it is used. The first way in which it is used is when people remix the meme with music so that the words in the scene fits in time with the background music. The second way is when it is mixed in a more generic fashion with other videos.


I find this to be a funny meme, it is another one of those memes (the other being “I cant get no sleep cause of y’all”) in which the video clip is mixed with a song and no matter how different the style of the song is, the meme video always matches / is in sync with the music.

I rate this meme a solid 7/10.



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