Jesus Christ Kid

The jesus chris kid meme Is based on a vine where the creator of the vine can be seen running up to a boy which surprises him, his reaction to being surprised is that he says “jesus christ !” as he moves away from the camera in shock.


As of writing this post (January 2016) the vine user which was responsible for creating this vine has terminated their account so no information regarding them and the origin of this vine is possible to find.

As there are no official accounts associated with this clip (see above) it is hard to tell when it was first created, however according to the analytics here, it reached its peak around December 2014.


This meme is used when combined with another video clip, first the original clip is played then the jesus christ clip is played after that in order to portray the viewers reaction (that they found the first clip to be shocking) to the first video clip.


I feel that this is a solid meme, I believe that a lot of people can relate to the scenarios in the videos which were edited with the jesus christ kid video and therefore also liked this meme (it was quite a popular meme).

Alongside “bruh”, “really nigga”, and “no nigga” (just to name a few), the “jesus christ kid” has become one of those memes which is used by people to describe their reaction to something, (the jesus christ kid meme is used to represent their shock or unexpectedness to something) this why I feel that it continues to stay relevant even now (2016) and I believe that it will continue to stay relevant for the foreseeable future.

I rate this meme a solid 7/10.



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