It’s ya boy Skinny Penis


Its ya boy skinny penis is the name of a meme which is based on a video that was created by popular viner and comedian Noel Miller.

In the video Noel can be seen talking to the camera and then saying the line “it’s ya boy skinny penis” before the video abruptly ends.


For most memes which I cover, their source is usually straightforward and quite easy to find as it can almost always be traced back to a single video on one platform (YouTube or vine or Instagram e.c.t) however this meme is an interesting case because although the original video can be found on Noel’s vine account with the title It’s ya boy (which he uploaded to vine on 8th August 2016), I have found some evidence that proves that the video is older than the vine suggests it to be.

After spending some time searching through social media I have found various examples of remixes that feature the original clip but were posted way before August 2016; in fact the earliest example of this is from a vine called best meth cook on the planet which was uploaded by vine user Jordashish way back in February 2016.


A screenshot of the original video posted by Noel miller vs Jordashish’s vine. Notice the date difference.

After unsuccessfully having searched through all of Noel’s social media pages (vine, Instagram and twitter) without finding an earlier version of the video (potentially the original source of the video), I have come to the conclusion that Noel must have created the its ya boy video earlier this year, deleted it for some reason and then re-uploaded it to his vine channel in August therefore until I get some evidence that contradicts this, I will continue to state that this meme originates from vine.

Even-though there are examples of remixes having been created as early as February 2016, I believe that it was only until August 2016 that this meme was able to spread to a significantly wider audience.

This is due to the fact that two big viners (mason chill out ! and no chill, Adam) who both have a big audience to their content both created vines which remix the its ya boy skinny penis vine in August 2016.

No chill, Adam whose vine Lol which he uploaded on 16th august 2016 currently has has 2.9 million loops while mason chill out! Who created a vine called with Noel Milller currently has over 1.3 million loops on vine.

It seems that google trends agrees with me that the its ya boy skinny penis video was created earlier than August 2016 as the graph shows some search activity for the term as early as February 2016 however ultimately (as of writing this) this meme seems to have peaked in popularity during August 2016.


A screenshot of the google trends graph, it seems to agree with my theory about the original video.

The main hash-tags which are associated with this meme are #itsyaboy and #skinnypenis.


With respect to what I have seen, like many memes that have come before it, the main way that remixes based on this meme are made is by mixing various random video clips with the its ya boy skinny penis video with the intent of creating a funny remix.


Personally I find the videos which are based on this meme to be a bit of a hit and miss scenario as some are funny while others are not. Other than that I think that if you like crude humour then you will enjoy the videos that this based on this meme…



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