It is Wednesday my dudes

This meme is based on a vine video in which a young man who is wearing swimming goggles and is facing the camera can be seen saying to the camera “it is Wednesday my dudes” before the scene Abruptly changes so that now the young man is in front of a mirror and is wearing a Spiderman costume and then all of a sudden starts yelling for some reason.


The vine which this meme is based from is called it is Wednesday my dudes 2016, it was created by vine user “Jimmy here (from youtube)” and was uploaded to jimmy’s vine account on 14th January 2016.


The main use of this meme is to mix the audio from the part of the vine where jimmy Is yelling with other videos (usually with music videos) so that the the yelling is mixed with a part of the video where someone is yelling (or in the case of music videos it is mixed with a part of a song where the singer is singing a particularly long note)


This is another one of those weird memes, it also seems to be quite obscure at the time of writing this article (march 2016) so there are not many remixes made for it to review yet. In terms of the meme itself, the original video is quite unusual and looks like the creator just edited two random things which he was doing during the day together and the result he created this vine.

What’s even stranger is that people actually have viewed it enough to make it meme. In terms of the remixes there is a really good one on youtube called “it is vaporwave my dudes”, the video is very strange but you can tell that it has been edited well and kind of looks like what watching the original vine while on some hallucinogenic drug would look like !

I rate this meme 4 / 10 as I don’t really understand it or what its appeal is meant to be.



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