i’m in me mums car

I’m in me mums car is a meme based on a vine created by popular English vine content creator tish simmonds. It features tish sitting in the mothers car pretending to drive it while she says “i’m in me mums car, broom broom” and then her mum says “get out me car” to which tish replies “noooo !”.


The vine which this meme is based on was uploaded by tish simmonds on July 2014 however since then she deleted the original vine only for it to be uploaded to youtube soon after. According to the google trends chart shown here, it peaked in popularity in august 2014.


The main use of this meme was that it is remixed with other videos from the internet, particularly with songs whereby a songs music would be remixed with the lyrics “i’m in me mums car” over them.


I feel that this was a good meme in general, I found the the video remixes were quite funny and did a successful job in being creative and using the original video in order to create something unique and funny.

I particularly found this remix funny (even though it is not politically correct and some people might find it offensive)


Although the video remixes are good, this meme really excels when it is remixed with songs as not only does it fit well with the music but I also think that some of the songs are so good that I would gladly buy them (for example when the meme is remixed with the song “boom clap” by the singer charli XCX.

I rate this meme 7 out of 10.



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