I’m Ethan Bradberry


I’m Ethan Bradberry is an internet meme which is based on a YouTube video titled “house fire ! (child social experiment)” by YouTube pranksters Moe and Ethan Bradberry.

The meme centers around the first few seconds of the video whereby Moe and Ethan introduce themselves, Moe says to the camera “sup guys, I’m Moe Bradberry” then Ethan says “I’m Ethan Bradberry”.


This meme originated from a YouTube video called house fire ! (child social experiment), it was posed on November 29th 2015 by the channel MoeAndET.

Even though this video was uploaded in November 2015 it did not become a meme until march 2016.

The main reason as to why this became a meme in the first place is was because of another YouTube video (which parodys the the child social experiment video) called how to traumatize your children prank by the popular YouTube channel Ethan and Hila of h3h3 productions.

I believe it is this video which started the “I’m Ethan Bbradberry” meme because firstly the editing is in the style of how the meme remix videos are and secondly this video was uploaded to YouTube on 3rd march 2016 and according to Google trends this meme peaked in march 2016. coincidence ? I think not…


The main use of this meme Is to edit the video section where Ethan says “I’m Ethan Bradberry” with other video clips such that the punchline of the joke is someone saying “I’m Ethan Bradberry”.


After watching a few of the remix videos, I have come to the conclusion that this is an average meme. It has a few good jokes which can be made by combining video clips with the Ethan Bradberry audio but I feel that It is nothing special in my opinion.

I rate this meme 5/10 as it does provide some entertainment but for me the humour is a bit hit and miss rather than outstanding.



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