If young metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot

This meme is based on the beginning segment of the song “father stretch my hands PT.1 ” by kanye west. The part of this song which has been turned into a meme is when the rapper future (who also appears on this track) can be heard saying “if young metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot” (this is a reference to the producer of the track who is named metro boomin).


The song which this meme is based from is called “father stretch my hands PT.1”, it is by American rapper kanye west however it also features other rappers such as the rapper future as well as rapper kid cudi. The song is from kanye west’s seventh studio album which is titled “the life of pablo” and was released on 14th February 2016.


The main use of this meme is that the audio section where the rapper future says “If young metro don’t trust you i’m gon shoot” is overdubbed onto scenes of television shows (or movies) where one character is shooting another character. More specifically the audio is overdubbed so that when the rapper future says “shoot” immediately after the character with the gun shoots someone.


I find this meme to be quite entertaining, I cant quite figure out why but something about someone getting shot and then the future verse playing is quite strangely satisfying to me. (especially when the audio is heavily distorted like it is in some remixes)

I particularly liked the remix which shows a scene from the Canadian teen drama show “degrassi: the next generation” in which the rapper drake can be seen getting shot by another character, I found this to be the best remix as I personally do not like drake and therefore found this scene to be especially satisfying to watch !

I rate this meme 6/10.



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