I Have Crippling Depression


I have crippling depression is the name of an internet meme which was created by popular youtuber iDubbbzTV.

This meme originates from a video called Disabled Pokemon Go – Eevee + Zubat and features iDubbbz acting as if he was a physically disabled person by roaming around in a wheelchair while playing the extremely popular video game Pokemon go.

While most of the video focuses on iDubbbz’s attempts at catching Pokemon, the part of the video which has resonated with the internet and therefore has become a meme is within the first five seconds of the video where iDubbbz can be seen jumping into an empty wheelchair and then saying to the camera “I have crippling depression”.

This is not the first time that iDubbbz has successfully created a meme, in fact a slew of memes have been created from the various scenes and sayings that have been featured in iDubbbz’s past videos.

The most recent successful meme that iDubbbz has created is a meme called “I’m gay” which I’m sure many of you reading this have already heard about (I was considering making an article about this meme however because so many other people have already covered it I feel there is no need to) but for those who haven’t, here is an excellent video by Youtuber Anthony Fantano AKA the needle drop who reviews the meme.


A screenshot of the extremely popular i’m gay meme.


This meme Originates from YouTube. The original video from which this meme is based on is called Disabled Pokemon Go – Eevee + Zubat. The video was uploaded to YouTube by iDubbbz on to his second channel IdubbbzTV2 on 17th July 2016.

Soon after this video was uploaded, many of the viewers noticed that the “I have crippling depression” scene really stood out in comparison to the rest of the video, which can be seen by the amount of likes that people who commented the statement in the comments section received.


If this isn’t enough evidence that the creation of this meme was directly influenced by iDubbbz’s fanbase, another comment made by YouTube user Cian Mansfield proves (judging by the number of people who liked / agreed with the comment) that many viewers (and by viewers I suspect that they are hardcore iDubbbz fans) made it their mission to turn this scene into a meme.


True to their word, (in fact literally on the same day that the original video was released) many youtube users cut the I have crippling depression scene and re-uploaded it to YouTube so that it could be used as source material for remixes.

The earliest remix video which I have been able to find online is in the form of a YouTube video called iDubbbz – I Have Crippling Depression Meme that was uploaded a day after the original video on 18th July 2016.

Also based on my research I believe that another YouTube video called I Have Crippling depression compilation! (link to the video is in the videos section) By YouTube user RKGamING010 has been the most successful video so far in terms of helping to promote this meme to a wider audience as currently it has over 340 thousand YouTube views however due to this meme’s sky-rocketing popularity I predict that it will gain significantly more views in the coming months.

The main term which is associated with this meme is I have crippling depression however other terms which are associated with this meme are : crippling depression, crippling depression meme and I have crippling depression meme.


Taking into account what I have seen, a remix based on this meme generally falls in either one of two categories.

1. The standard mixing of various random video clips with the clip of iDubbbz saying I have crippling depression.

2. A slightly more unique style of editing whereby a video of someone either falling / jumping in the air is mixed with iDubbbz falling into the wheelchair.


I think that this meme is a good sequel to the iDubbbz “i’m gay” meme and I foresee that it will become just as popular however my only concern is that even-though I have seen a few green-screen versions of the original clip, It seems that no one is using them therefore ruining so much potential for funny remixes which could be made incorporating them.



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