I eat pears now

I eat pears is an internet meme based on the rapper rick ross who says “i eat pears now and shit like that that, shout out to all the pear” during an interview. It became popular on the video sharing website vine where users created funny remixes based around the original clip.


“i eat pears” began life as part of a youtube video interview between rapper rick ross and popular english hip hop dj tim westwood. In the clip tim asks rick what he has been doing in order to lose the wight (starting from around 1:51 in the video) and in response rick says: “I forgot what fruit tasted like, I eat pears now and shit like that, shout out to all the pear”.

The original interview was posted to tim westwood’s youtube channel on 21st march 2014 however it soon made its way onto other social media sharing platforms such as vine where it became viral, mainly due to the remixing of the video with other videos.


The main way in which this meme is used is when the sentence “I eat pears” is mixed with other video clips (see videos for examples) in order create funny videos.


The “I eat pears now” is one of my favourite memes of 2014, it is an excellent example of how combining two unrelated videos and sentence mixing the audio from the videos can yield a very funny result.

The main reason as to why I believe that this meme became so popular with not only me but with the internet in general Is due to the fact that it works well with a wide range of unrelated videos and creates a funny result every time.

I rate this meme 9/10 cause its funny as hell !



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