I dropped my Hot Pocket


I dropped my hot pocket is the name of a meme which is based on a news report by the American regional news station kait8. The original report stated that there were 7 shootings which took place during a time frame of 24 hours in the city of blythevielle.

In the report there was also an interview with local residents Robert moss and Merrendes Jackson who discussed how they reacted to one of the shootings which occurred near their home.

During the interview Moss and Jackson where asked what happened when they heard the gunshots to which moss replied “I was ducking and everything in the house. I mean I got scared” and then Jackson added to that by saying “I dropped my hot pocket !” and thus this meme was born.


This meme originated from a video which was part of a news report that was created by regional news station kait8. It was posted to their website on 12th may 2016 and was titled “latest on Blythevielle shootings”.


The main use of this meme is to mix the line “I dropped my hot pocket” with either some music where all the lyrics have been replaced with any combination of the words in the sentence “I dropped my hot pocket” or to mix the sentence with a video and make the punchline joke of that video someone saying “I dropped my hot pocket”.


Personally I did not find the line “I dropped my hot pocket” to be funny at all. In my opinion the remix videos were mostly quite dull, not that funny and ultimately mildly entertaining to watch but nothing spectacular.

I rate this meme 4/10 because the edits are mildly entertaining but nothing special…



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