I can’t get no sleep cause of y’all

This meme is based on part of an episode of the tv show “bad girls club” in which reality star Tanisha Thomas can be seen getting angry at some of the other ladies on the show because they were out all night and came back during the early hours of the morning which in turn woke up tanisha and as a result she got so angry that she started banging pots together all while saying “I cant sleep cause of y’all, now y’all not going to get no sleep because of me” in order to purposely keep the other ladies awake and to scold them for making so much noise during the early hours of the morning.


This meme originates from season 2 of the the show “bad girls club” which is a popular reality television program which comes on the oxygen network. According to wikipedia season 2 ran from late 2007 to mid 2008 so the original clip was aired during that time.

Even this clip was originally aired during 2007 / 2008 it only became known as a meme in 2015 and ultimately peaked in popularity during October 2015.


This meme is one of those memes where (along with “jones bbq and foot massage”) where the objective of the meme is to mix the original clip with a piece of background music so as to demonstrate the clips ability to fit with any kind of music.


I find this meme to be fascinating, who knew that this clip fits so well with so many different (often unrelated) styles of music ! I find the remixes to be quite entertaining and funny however along with the remixes there are other vines in which people attempt to re-enact tthe original scene instead of remixing it, these types of vines in my opinion are terrible ! I mean they add no additional value or anything new and often the just make the girl who is re-enacting the scene look retarded as hell. (or look like she is on a 72 hour meth binge !) so stay away from these vines unless you enjoy looking at idiots making fun of themselves.

I rate the remixes 7/10 as they are quite entertaining however the vines which simply re-enact the original scene the get a 0/10 as they are not worth watching.



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