I am the one


I am the one is an internet meme which is based on the song ultimate by American rapper Denzel Curry. The main part of the song “ultimate” which is used within this meme (and subsequently where this meme gets its name from) is in the first few lines of the chorus of the song where Denzel says : “I am the one, don’t weight a ton, don’t need a gun to get respect up on the street”.


The song “ultimate” is part of the album “32 Zel / planet Shrooms” by American rapper Denzel Curry, it was released on Itunes on 9th June 2015.

It looks like Denzel also made a teaser video titled ultimate[teaser] prod. Ronny J and posted this to his YouTube channel on 18th march 2015 however since then Denzel has not uploaded a full version to the track because currently (as of may 2016) there appears to be no full music video to the song ultimate on his YouTube channel.


This meme has a couple of similar yet varying uses however all uses follow the same pattern of mixing the audio from the song “ultimate” (particularly the first few lines of the chorus) with a video clip.

1. The first case of this meme’s use is when someone says something “savage” (something disrespectful) to or about another person. Right after the first person has finished saying something disrespectful the audio of the song is played for dramatic effect.

2. The second case is when someone does something cool like successfully displaying a skill or performing a trick (for example successfully performing a difficult skateboard trick) after-which the music is played to convey that they are cool.


I think this an ok meme, to me it looks and feels like the 2016 version of the “thug life” meme but without the black and white screen, the generic snoop dogg song about smoking weed and the badly drawn font saying “thug lyfe” fading in to the screen.

I rate this meme 5/10 as it is ok but to me all it appears to be is the thug life meme reincarnated for 2016.



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