Huh Challenge


The huh challenge is a viral social media challenge that was created by comedian YouLoveRichard who posted a video of himself “roasting” (making fun of someone) his friends (Including recording artist and creator of the whip dance move theRealhasani) to his Instagram page with the intent of turning his video into a viral trend.

The basic premise of the challenge is to go up to someone you know and record their reaction while you light-heartedly roast them.


This challenge originates from Instagram. It was created by Instagram user youloverichard1 when he uploaded a video titled #HuhChallenge to his Instagram page on 10th September 2016.

The original video was well received by many people on social media and not long after its creation other people started making their own huh challenge videos. An early example of one such viral huh challenge video was from twitter user Daniel Babar who created a video called #huhchallenge on 12th September 2016.

An interesting fact about Daniel’s video is that it got significantly more retweets and likes than Richard’s original video when he uploaded it to twitter thus causing many people on social media to believe that it was Daniel who created this challenge.


The screenshot above shows the comparison of retweets and likes that Daniel’s video got compared to Richards video.

However Richard quickly cleared up any confusion that might have occurred by tweeting the following:



This challenge then gained more significant exposure on 16th September 2016 when the website worldstarr hip hop featured Daniel’s video in their vine comp of the week part 183 video (daniel’s video starts at 11:55 during the video) which currently has over 1.7 million views.

Shortly after this on 22nd September the popular media website Buzzfeed featured an article about the huh challenge thus spreading it to an even wider audience however in the article they suggested that Daniel Babar created the challenge which is clearly wrong.


A screenshot of the buzzfeed article.

On 26th September YouTube star RiceGum posted a video called THE HUH CHALLENGE MUST BE STOPPED!!! in which he expressed his distaste for the challenge and explains why it must be stopped however the irony in making this video is that he only helped to spread the challenge to a new audience because as of writing this article his video has accumulated an enormous 2.8 million YouTube views thus helping to spread the challenge significantly more than the previous two examples.

According to google trends this challenge’s popularity continues to rise as of September 2016 and the main hash-tag which is associated with the challenge is #huhchallenge.


Based on the many huh challenge videos which I have seen, I believe that the premise of the challenge is to record someone you know while you light-heartedly make fun of them and then say “huh !” at the end of your roast.

I have also noticed that all huh challenge videos have followed the same generic blueprint which can be traced back to Richard’s original video.

The blueprint is as follows:

1. Go up to the person you want to roast and then say to them “my name is X and” (where X is meant to be their name)

2. proceed to Light-heartedly roast them.

3. Finally end your roast by saying huhhh !


Personally I like the concept of the huh challenge, it is neither dangerous like the fire spray challenge nor is it retarded like the condom challenge. Also most of the huh challenge videos which I have seen are quite funny so overall I think that this challenge is one of the better social media challenges that I have seen on so far.



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