Hit the freak dance


Hit the freak is the name of a dance challenge which was created by students from North Carolina Central university.

The original video consists of people demonstrating how to perform the hit the freak dance, all while dancing in unison to the song “put some respek on my name” which was created by Dj suede and is based on an interview between the breakfast club and American rapper Birdman.


The hit the freak dance originated from a YouTube video called Put some respek on my name ‘Hit the freak dance’ NCCU college. The video was uploaded to YouTube on 5th may 2016 by YouTube user IgotTheDirt.

The song which is used in this dance challenge is called put some respeck on my name. It was created by dj suede and was uploaded to his Instagram account on 24th April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to record yourself performing the hit the freak dance and uploading the video to social media so that others can either marvel at or criticise your performance.


As far as dance memes go (even though I am not a fan of them) I think this meme is decent. I like that the original video demonstrates some dance moves which are unique to this meme and feel that other people who are also attempting to create a dance meme should take note by incorporating signature moves (like this trend has done) rather than using the same old garbage recycled dance moves in their own routines.

As for the music used in this meme, I like dj suede, (this is the second time which he has been involved in a meme, the first for creating the song “my ding a ling”) I feel that he is a very creative individual and his music definitely showcases that.

I rate this meme 6/10 because to me it is so refreshing to see new dance moves and not the same old dab, nae nae, whip e.c.t in a dance meme.



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