His name is John Cena

This meme is based on a prank call by the “Z morning zoo radio show” which went viral. In the prank call a woman by the name of “marie” is repeatedly asked if she wants to see the wwe professional wrestler John cena in a wrestling match, this in turn progressively angers her more and more until she can be heard ranting to the prank caller and threatens to call the police on the caller for harassing her.

The prank ultimately ends when the z morning zoo radio show reveal to marie that all the harassment she was receiving was just a prank call by them and she had been set up for this prank call by her husband Donnie.


This meme originates from the z morning zoo radio show, the earliest date this prank call was uploaded to the internet was on 30th November 2012 by z104 radio station.

A video version of this prank call has since been posed by the yotube user “best prank calls and vines compilation” on his / her channel at 11th march 2014 under the name john cena prank call.

Even though the original audio was was released in 2012, it did not receive much success, however it gained significant success in 2015 when people started to remix the audio with different videos and ultimately (according to Google trends) it peaked in popularity during September of 2015.


The main use of this meme is that it gets remixed other videos. It is remixed in such a way that at first another video is played for a while then part of the prank call where it says “and his name is john cena” is played and thereafter john cena’s entrance theme as well as entrance video is played.


This meme has become one of the most popular memes of 2015, if you watch some of the videos you will instantly realise why this is the case, I find this meme to be brilliant as its so funny and goes so well with so many videos. You would think that the same joke over and over again would get boring quickly however I feel that the long build-up in the remix videos is what helps to keep the joke fresh as it keeps the viewer guessing as to when the John Cena clip will be played.

I rate this meme a excellent 10 out of 10.



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