Here in my garage

This meme is based on a video by entrepreneur tai lopez. It features tai in his garage explaining to the camera what items he has in his garage as well as what the viewers of his video need to do in order to be as successful in life as he is.


The original video was posted to tai lopez’s official youtube channel under the title here in my garage (official): Lamborghini, knowledge and books with tai lopez, it was posted on 2nd September 2015. According to Google trends , This meme peaked in popularity in November 2015.


This meme has been used in many different ways, Firstly many youtubers have created parodies of the original video (usually by recreating the video) also many people have created YTP’s (youtube poop / remixing editing the original video) from the video and finally people have also remixed the video with other video memes.


I find this meme to be hilarious, the videos are very well edited and the sentence mixing yields good results, my favourite remixes are the ones which have “MLG” style of editing applied to them.

The parody videos on the other hand usually have little or nothing to do with the original video and I feel are solely created by people who are using some of the attention which the original video had gained in order to promote their own video.

I rate this meme 7/10.



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